Ms. Bower

Welcome to FOODS! I am looking forward to a great semester teaching both the theory and practical skills of cooking. All of my course contents are on weebly - including the course outlines, schedule, workbooks, and extra material.

First semester I will be teaching 2 Foods 10 classes, Foods 20/30 and Foods 9.

Please visit my weebly sites below.

Foods 9:

Foods 10:


My office hours are Tuesday 3:15-4:15pm.

Please check PowerSchoool often as Foods is a credit based course and one credit is often completed in one month. Students and parents need to stay on top of assignments and marks.

Let's have a great semester together!


Parent Tips

I encourage parents/guardians to be actively involved in your child's school life.  I believe when parents and teachers work together, children can be successful in their learning.

If you have any questions or concerns please email me or call me at 403-246-4771.

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