Art 9

Art 9 Course Outline 2019

Teacher: Mrs. Gaudio

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Course Outline:

Art 9 is a foundations art program. Students will have the opportunity to survey a variety of mediums, learn some basic principles and elements of art and design, while exercising creative thinking. We will work both three dimensionally and two dimensionally by drawing, painting, sculpting and printmaking.

We focus on three components:

  • Drawings or delineations -all the ways we record visual information
  • Compositions or structures- all the ways images are put together to create meaning
  • Encounters with art- where we meet and how we respond to visual imagery



Assignments type



Major projects


5 large projects



Mid term and final



Self, peer, class



Written assignments


Sketchbooks: Sketchbooks are an important element of art making and the course. You must bring your sketchbook to every class. You will record your ideas and rough copies for major assignments in your sketchbook. You will also be required to complete specific sketchbook entries. These will be assigned throughout the course. This is a school-based activity therefore it is unacceptable to use imagery/language that is inappropriate for school.

Sketchbooks can be purchased from SCHS: $10 each

Critiques: Classroom critiques are vital to artistic growth because it gives the class an opportunity for peer assessment and experience constructive feedback. Artwork must be completed and participation is key to a successful critique. We will be exploring self, peer and class forms of critique with our finished art pieces. Class critiques can only be made up by critiquing with the class and must be scheduled with the teacher.

Encounters: This unit focuses on our encounters with art history, artists, artistic movements and styles. We will be focusing on the importance society places upon various works of art.


Late Assignments, Missed Assignments and NHI:

All projects are due on the critique date. After critiques you will have one week to make any changes or adjustments gleaned from the group discussion. If you fail to hand in your project a week from the critique date, you will receive a NHI= 0. If your project is not present for critique you have a week to arrange another time with the teacher for critique. Failure to make up the student critique will result in a 0 for that critque. You must communicate with the teacher to receive a week extension.

** Communication is essential in the midst of absences or missed assignments. It is your responsibility to log into PowerSchool and be an active member of your learning. **


Guidelines for a Creative Environment

Rules are in place to make the art room a SAFE and fun environment to create. Following these guidelines will make it easier and more enjoyable for all of us to enjoy the course.

  • Respect the materials and studio space. Treat supplies and equipment with care and attention. All art materials are available to you during class, flex blocks and every lunch hour. Classroom materials may not be taken home and are to remain in the art room.

Clean up the art room ALWAYS at the end of class. The art materials will go a long way if we all put them away.

  • Ready at Bell- You should be ready with your art, in your seat with your sketchbook by the time the bell rings. If coming to class on time becomes a difficult task for you, extra time in the art room cleaning at lunch will be allotted.
  • Be an active participant in class critiques and discussions, offering feedback to your peers, and utilizing class time to work or research projects. Do not let your electronic devices distract you.

If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what you have missed and catch up. With Weebly it is very accessible to go online and see where the class is at every day.

  • Responsible use of Technology - There are many great ways that technological devices and advances that have made the classroom a better place. However, no IPHONES will be allowed in class. You may use your laptop for image reference, however it best you leave your iPhone in your locker or in teacher’s iPhone hotel in her office. We only see each other every other school day so let’s make our time together safe, creative and productive.


Art Supply List:

• a SKETCHBOOK – must be at least 8 x 10 “in size with white pages

• Pencils- HB, 2B, 4B, 6B

• Eraser- white

• Hand sharpener

• black fine point marker - 0.5

*** All other supplies are available to you with your school fee


My contact Information:

Course website: Art 9 SCHS Gaudio

Art After Hours: Thursdays 3:20-5:30 pm in the art room with the art teachers.

Studio hours: Art Room is open for art making Mon-Thursday at lunch

**Art room is closed for lunch on Friday’s **

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