Learning Commons FAQs

What is a Learning Commons?

A learning commons is a whole school approach to building a participatory learning community.  The library learning commons is the physical and virtual collaborative learning hub of the school.  - Canadian Library Association (CLA), 2014

A learning commons is an inclusive, flexible, learner-centred, physical and/or virtual space for collaboration, inquiry, and imagination and play to expand and deepen learning. - excerpt from the Alberta Education LLC Policy Statement



Textbooks are typically loaned for a period of one semester.  They are due back BEFORE students write their final exams for that subject.

Students are encouraged to write their names in every textbook along with the current school year to avoid mix-ups with their peers.  If a is returned but the barcode doesn't match the one the student was assigned they will not get credit for that book, they must sign in the textbook they were originally assigned to avoid charges.


Novel Studies

Novels for novel studies are due back BEFORE students write their unit exams.

Students are encouraged to write their names in the novel they have recieved to avoid mix -ups with their peers. Students will not get credit for returning books assigned to another student.  If students wish they are welcome to purchase their own copy of the book if they like to write notes in margins etc.


Lost/Damaged Books and Grafitti

Students will not be allowed to sign out new material until overdue item(s) are returned. Lost or damaged books must be paid for before a student will be allowed to sign out new material.  New textbooks are subject to a grafitti charge upon return of half the cost of the book.  The only thing students should write in their textbooks is their name and school year.

Any lost or damaged item from the Learning Commons (free reading material) may be paid for in one of three options:

1. Pay for the item

2. Purchase a copy of item and donate to the Learning Commons

3. Donate an item of equal value preferably in the same subject or genre to the library collection.



Students are allowed up to 3 checkouts at any given time. This does not include textbooks they have been assigned.

The standard loan period is 3 weeks but students may renew items.

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