Tips & Software Links For Students

The following list contains links to tips, various software, sites and tools related to our One to One Project. Many are free and have been tested at the school in advance of posting.

How get your PC to respond and perform faster

-Remove all but essential apps from auto-start at login/reboot time. (on Macs -see System Preferences/ User&Groups / yourUserID /Login Items)(
-Only keep open docs and apps needed for task at hand (the more apps open, the slower your PC runs)
-Get in the habit of closing down apps/docs whenever you're done with them
-Reboot PC once a month or more often

Connecting to RVS wifi

Various Office Type Suites For PC And Mac:

Any Mac/Windows laptop can install a licensed subscription of Office 365 for free for the duration of their attendance in the Rvschools District.

Login with your student ID ( and password and click the Install Office Apps button (right hand corner)

Anti-Virus software:

Free Malware/Spyware Software:

One Stop Shop for all Freeware Tools:


PDF Converters

Audio - Video Tools:

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