Student Printing Guidelines 2021

Springbank High now joins Rockyview School District in using PaperCut Print Management system.  All staff and students can print to any Ricoh printer in the school system.

Student printing should only be done at the Learning Commons printer.

THIS MUST BE DONE on school RVS network

All printers are capable of color and B&W printing.

Step 1.

PLEASE SETUP PIN of your choice, ASAP at a Ricoh Printer.

At a Ricoh printer enter your student ID and press NO PIN? button to enter a pin you can remember. You are then ready to print.

Click here to view the PIN Registration procedure

Students can print to the Ricoh 6000 in the Learning Commons.

  • Each student has a $100 print credit that each page deducts from
  • 3cents B&W/  5cents color per page, when printed
  • All printers allow color printing and you can choose either color or B&W
  • Students can only print their own print jobs.


Step 2. Printing

Using School or Personal Chromebook

    • Open your RVSchools Google Drive web page and print to RVS Print queue.


Using your own PC you can print 2 ways:

Print Mobility installation will create a print queue on your PC called RVSPrint.

TO print any laptop documents thru RVSprint:

Once downloaded INSTALL the software.

This installation will create several RVS Print queues on your PC.

THIS MUST BE DONE on school RVS network.

  • When completed, you will have 4 queues created in your printer list.
    • Delete the RVSPrint-bypass, RVSPrint-Canon and RVSPrint-Lexmark queues
  • You can now select & print to RVS Print queue like any other printer.
  • FIRST TIME PRINT may require authentication if Queue show jobs are on "HOLD FOR AUTHENTICATION".
    • Click REFRESH button at end of Print Job, to bring up POPUP window to LOGIN with your FULL EMAIL address and Password

TO monitor status and print without requiring PC setup use:

WebPrint option at PaperCut Web Portal

  • Login with student RVSchools.AB.CA email ID and Password.
  • Select WebPrint & click Submit a Job button
  • click UPLOAD DOCUMENTS button & Upload documents to be printed
  • Go to Ricoh printer, login and release print jobs.
  • Also View print jobs in Queue and change your PIN
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