Building Futures 2016/2017 - Optional course

Rocky View Schools, together with Kingsmith Homes, the Professional Home Builders Institute of Alberta, and the Alberta New Home Warranty Program are proud to see the Cochrane Building Futures Program into its third year of operation for the 2016/2017 school year.

During this year, a select group of Grade 10 students from Bow Valley High, Cochrane High, and Springbank Community High Schools will learn what it takes to build a new house. From pre-construction, all the way to two finished homes, students will have an opportunity to engage in a real-world, authentic project that offers them both a robust educational experience and life-relevant skills. Students who complete the program will receive their Residential Construction Site Manager Level One Academic accreditation, all while completing their studies in their Grade 10 school year.

Students from Springbank Community High will be shuttled to and from the Willows neighbourhood in Cochrane each school day.  Students typically spend four out of five days each week on our combined work site and classroom. They spend part of each week working on their house construction projects throughout the entire school year, and the rest of their time working on their school curriculum.  Classroom work emphasizes mastery learning and a good deal of hands-on, project-based learning.  One day out of each week is spent at Bow Valley High, which is a few short blocks from the work site. During those days, students work on completing Physical Education and other objectives more readily handled in a school setting (e.g. science labs).


At the conclusion of the year, students will have had the opportunity to earn credit in the following high school courses:

  • English 10-1 or English 10-2
  • Social Studies 10-1 or Social Studies 10-2
  • Science 10 or Science 14
  • Math 10C or Math 10-3
  • Physical Education 10 (5 credit)
  • CALM 20
  • HCS 3000 & HCS 3010 (Workplace Safety Systems)
  • 18 CTS courses in the CON (Construction) strand
  • 1-3 additional CTS credits based on student interest and projects pursued (e.g. Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Computer Science, etc.)


For additional information about the program please review the course application form, and/or contact one of the following individuals:

  • Mr. Jason Ness – Bow Valley High & General Inquiries – 403.932.9005
  • Mr. Glen Brooker – Cochrane High School – 403.932.2524
  • Mr. Greg Rankin – Springbank Community High School – 403.246.4771
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