Friends Of SCHS Welcome Page

“Friends of SCHS Society” is an incorporated fundraising society that was set up in January 2009 to take over the fundraising activities of the SCHS School Council. Its organization and activities are carried out by parent and community volunteers.

At the time of its incorporation, it was recognised by parents and staff at SCHS that fundraising was increasingly important in order to ensure the students at SCHS have access to educational enhancements, technologies and facilities in keeping with a 21st Century Learning environment. The fundraising society allows for a greater range of fundraising opportunities to be available to the school.

Friends of SCHS Society has and will continue to provide annual fundraising support to the High School in many areas including:

  • Awards and recognition of students
  • Special presentations and events
  • Ongoing upgrade of technology, equipment and supplies
  • Enhancing fine arts and athletic programs
  • The upgrading of school facilities to enhance the learning environment.

Since its inception, Friends of SCHS Society has organized a number of fundraisers for the benefit of the school and students, including:

  • Spring 2009 Bottle Drive
  • Fall 2009 Magazine Fundraiser
  • SCHS Student Centre Renovation Campaign
  • Fall 2010 Prize Raffle Draw
  • Fall 2010-Spring 2011 ongoing Magazine Fundraiser
  • A number of Cupcake Fundraisers in Spring and Fall 2011.
  • Casino

Please support our students’ education by taking part in our fundraising activities.

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