QuestA+ Information & Troubleshooting

To ensure the best possible experience with Quest A+ please:

  • Remember to SAVE your work OFTEN while writing
  • RESTART YOUR COMPUTER BEFORE YOUR TEST and CLOSE ALL APPLICATIONS AND PROGRAMS not needed that have pop-up notifications (ie. spotify, messenger, twitter, instagram, facebook,etc.)

DO NOT USE personal Chromebook laptops for exams!  Chromebook owners must borrow a school laptop for exams! Borrowing RULES - click here

MAC & Windows USERS

Please do the following if your Quest A is not working or you need to update the Locked Browser application.

**IMPORTANT - please re-install beginning of EVERY school year**

  • Please use Chrome Browser.
  • Download and then install the Lock down Browser for your PC type

Lock down Browser Download LINK

  • You will see the download of file at the BOTTOM of your browser page.Double click and follow instructions to install. Your login must be an ADMIN account.
  • Ensure you are using the latest browser
  • RESTART browser after install before using, very important!

Additional tweaks for your PC

It is important that to ensure RVS wifi connection is at the top of known wifi connectons on your PC.  If not you risk LOSING your wifi connection during an exam and being unable to recover any text already typed!

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