Principal's Message

At Springbank Community High School, we seek to #RISEup to the challenges that we encounter. We created the RISE initiative to bring cohesion and clarity to the values and characteristics that we feel are most important to develop and nurture within our community:

R – Responsibility

I – Integrity

S – Strength

E- Excellence

Now, more than ever, we need our students and staff to demonstrate responsibility and integrity in their decision-making and their actions. Acting from a place of responsibility, not just for ourselves, for the people around us, and doing so with integrity will result in a stronger school community where excellence is nurtured and supported and everyone has the opportunity to thrive.


I appreciate the significance of having the word “Community” in the name of the school. It is a clear statement about the importance of community and the strength that can come from a shared sense of identity. A community comes together to celebrate our successes and to support each other through challenging times. I know that our staff takes this commitment seriously and understands the significance of focusing on building a community of learners with shared values and goals.


I encourage you to contact me at the school if you have questions. It is through open communication and collaboration that we can fully realize our goal – to RISE up to any and every challenge that life may present us with.


Darrell Lonsberry

Principal, Springbank Community High School

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